Male And Female Cosmetic Surgery Of Genitals

Recently, it has become quite relevant to resort to the so-called plastic surgery of the genital organs. It is becoming popular among both men and women.

The reason for this surgery is self-doubt both in everyday life and in sex with your partner. For example, labiaplasty is a procedure for women whose goal is to change the labia. As a rule, plastic surgery of the labia is performed either for the purpose of aesthetic correction or to eliminate discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Men use the procedure ligamentotomy, which is an operation to penis enlargement by crossing its suspensory ligament. This operation does not affect potency and the ability to have children and give male enhancement effect.

What are the types of female cosmetic surgery?

  1. Labiaplasty – a plastic surgery aimed at eliminating the cosmetic defects of the labia minora and labia minora. This type of surgical intervention is most often performed for aesthetic reasons. Often, with the correction of the shape and size of the labia, plastic surgery of the clitoris is done.
  2. Monsplasty is a breast enlargement method for women of any age. To correct the shape and size of the chest. Breast augmentation is performed according to aesthetic indications for patients without concomitant diseases of the organs of internal organs.
  3. Vaginoplasty is a vaginal operation. The muscles in the spaces between the tissues disappear, the lost tone disappears. Vaginal plastic surgery was most often caused by rupture of the muscles or walls of the vagina during childbirth. In this case, the dense connective tissue is formed, the work of the muscles deteriorates, and the width increases.

What are the types of male cosmetic surgery?

  1. The operation to lengthen the penis is the most effective way to increase the size of the penis. On average, the penis after it becomes 2-4 cm longer. The final result depends on the individual characteristics of the male body and baseline data.
  2. Penis thickening is one of the sought-after operations in male intimate surgery. The purpose of the operation is to increase the diameter of the trunk of the penis. Currently, several methods and techniques for penis thickening are known and described without using male enhancement pills and male enhancement supplements.

The operation helps to feel more confident in sex, which allows them to become open and liberated. If you decide to have an operation, then you should pay great attention to the choice of the clinic.

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