Low libido in women – how to improve?

low libido in womenDid you know that 5,000 studies were published that were specifically directed at the male population and their sexual function between 1990 and 1999? There were only 2,000 studies of low libido in women during that same time frame. That is interesting considering that the popular men’s drug was released to the population on March 27, 1998. Why? To help men with their sexual issues like E.D. but there wasn’t anything released for women.

All too often women believe that their loss of sex drive stems from age and shouldn’t be considered anything out of the ordinary. Well, part of that is correct. Age does have an effect on the libido. So does your health. Eating right and working out regularly can help give the body a boost and improve libido.

  • What about your relationship? Is everything okay there?

A lot of women don’t realize that even though their relationship is healthy and all is well, there might be something wrong. Perhaps his performance has dropped, and he doesn’t satisfy your needs as he once did.

  • Or maybe low sex drive in women is actually because of your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is a depressant! That is why they say you should never drink alone or when you are already upset. Sure it may make you feel better for a moment. But moments are fleeting and drinking excessively can drag your desires down.

  • Staying out late at nights and not getting enough sleep will certainly take its toll on the body and cause a woman to lose that friskiness.

If you can pinpoint the things in your life that are draining your energy and motivation, you might be able to turn lack of sex drive in women back on.

  • Although we can’t do anything to stop the aging process, how one deals with aging is an entirely different thing.

Some women go through exactly what men- you know that mid-life crisis thing because of the levels of testosterone in the body. The levels of testosterone in women peak in their mid 20’s and slow fade out of the picture until menopause. That’s when testosterone drops entirely out of the picture and causes of low sex drive in females of menopausal period.

  • Having kids doesn’t help either. Too often women loss of sex drive after the birth of a baby.

Her hormones are raging all over the place and trying to settle back to normalcy. And it certainly doesn’t help the sex drive if your guy isn’t pitching in as much as he should and you are stressed and overwhelmed.

Birth control and low libido

Although there are some who claim that their birth control is the culprit for a female low sex drive, only 1 in 100 women have this issue. A study conducted showed that women on birth control were more active than women not on some form of birth control. Those on a contraceptive were less stressed and relaxed about having sex. Because they didn’t have the stress of becoming pregnant. So, birth control is not a low sex drive remedy.

For women, having a low libido is more than complex because of emotions and how a woman’s body reacts to the environment. It’s not like the men where it is a pipe issue; a woman needs more than one way to fix the problem and regain their sexuality.

So how can you improve female low libido?

  • First off think hard about what is going on in your life. What is seriously stressing you out? The first real step would be to meditate on your issues and see if you can pinpoint what issues you might have. Once you understand those issues, you can start to feel better not only about yourself but about your partner as well. A lot of women who have lost their spark after meditating on what is the underlining issue have looked to sex counselors for help. Sex requires two people, which means that if you are having issues, so is your partner. Seeing a specialist to help you work through issues. Get the passion back is a great way to regain a piece of yourself and boost your esteem.

Seeing a counselor will also help address any depression or anxiety in your life which might be holding you back. Antidepressants as low libido treatment don’t help, if anything they tend to add to the issue rather than helps it. If depression is something that is holding down your sexiness, consider changing up your diet. The Mediterranean diet helps boost the body’s immune system and cuts out a lot of fatty foods. Too much fatty foods in anyone’s diet is going to make them depressed.

  • There is also yoga, and a lot of women swear by the effects it has on them. Acupuncture has also been known to help with no sex drive in women. Then if all else fails there is always supplement and vitamins for low libido can turn your sex life around.