HerSolution Pills and Gel review – side effects, HerSolution vs Provestra

Love and intimacy are more than matters of biology; they are matters of the heart. When a woman is unable to make the connection with her man because of a fading desire for sexual intimacy, it is almost certain the man will notice the loss of interest and desire. The physical mechanics may be there but the emotional satisfaction for both people remains long after the sex. This frustrates the woman more than the man because her biology is so complex it is often to know what the cause of the problem is. Even when the cause is known, finding the solution for her can be a long journey instead of a short trip. Her solution can be found in HerSolution pills.

hersolution1The biological complexity of a woman means that any number of factors can affect hormone levels, which in turn can affect a woman’s libido. Some of these factors are:

  • Monthly menstruation
  • Menopause
  • Exposure to synthetic/artificial estrogen products
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress

This is a short list, but even worse it can be a combination of several of these factors. What is required is a safe, effective, and reliable solution that is made from doctor approved, natural ingredients. HerSolution may be just what the doctor ordered for your particular situation.

Before we look at the main ingredients it is important to understand that the problem of a low libido for a woman can be biological, psychological, or high stress levels. Any one of these three potential problem areas is likely to affect one or both of the other two. This is why you need an approach that will work to improve all three areas and give you a simple solution to a complex problem.

HerSolution Ingredients

There are proven natural ingredients that will improve a woman’s libido that have been used for centuries in some cases. Laboratory testing is fine, but what most women want is something that has a history of women actually using the product and reporting a successful result. When we go through this list of major ingredients in HerSolution you are likely to come across at least one that you have heard of before.

  • Niacin – The benefits of Niacin are medically proven as it is used to treat people whose bodies do not create enough of the “good” cholesterol. The good cholesterol your body naturally produces counteracts the effects of the “bad” cholesterol that clogs your arteries and can result in a heart attack. In HerSolution, Niacin is used to increase the blood flow and the sensitivity of a woman’s genital area.
  • Hops – The exact selection of hops they use is a secret, but the specific combination used will level off your estrogen production and relieve the problem of vaginal dryness.
  • Ginkgo biloba – This is a well-known natural herb that is commonly used in many types of libido solutions for women. Many believe it is a natural aphrodisiac that improves woman’s ability to achieve an orgasm as well as reducing the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.
  • Mucuna pruriens – Another herb directed at increasing your libido by increasing the amount of the natural occurring dopamine in your body. Dopamine is one of the naturally occurring hormones in your body that is responsible for pleasure and reduced stress level in your body.
  • Cayenne – A second ingredient targeting the lack of vaginal lubrication, with the result of achieving more intense orgasms.

A list of all the ingredients with a detailed descriptions of how each works with HerSolution can be found here at: www.hersolution.com/howitworks.html.

How It Works

hersolutionAs a woman you should look at your body as a well-oiled machine when all hormones are at their normal states and when stress levels are manageable. A fallen libido is a sign that some of those hormones need to be fine-tuned to get the engine running normally again. HerSolution can be the additive in your tank that will keep things running smoothly once again. As you will see in the ingredient list, the all-natural ingredients are safe and effective to use because they work with your body’s natural systems to specifically pinpoint where the major problem areas are and give them the needed boost for establishing balance.

HerSolution Side Effects

Any HerSolution side effects are likely to be the result of an allergy you may have to a specific ingredient of the product. As with any supplement, the effects on a particular person will depend on the person’s unique biology. The manufacturer of HerSolution takes every precaution to ensure the ingredients and processes are safe to use for most women. While there have been no reported side effects of using HerSolution, the company cannot give you a 100% guarantee that you will not experience a negative side effect from using the product.

What Actual Users Have To Say

Information and statistics are only a starting point before you make a commitment to buying any product. HerSolution has a 67 days money back guarantee, but when you look at the reviews from women who have a record of actually buying the product there is no reason to expect anything but sensational results.

HerSolution Reviews on Amazon:

“The best thing of all for me was it seemed to help my depression levels. That in itself helped me to feel good overall. The product seems to do what it claims. I was I will continue to buy this product.”

(Note: Many of the claims that the product was not effective came from users who only took HerSolution for one month. It is understandable that it may not work the same for every woman, but regardless of what supplement you take there are no “magic pills.” Though there have been reports that the pills worked in only 7 days, many women report it requires a longer duration to see positive results.)

“I do like this product but it takes a few days to feel the effects from it but I do feel like once it kicked in it was worth using.”

“If you have a lack of desire for intamacy, I would definitely get this. Read about this on the internet and tried it. I love it….. I would definitely advise getting the gel too.”

Yes, HerSolution comes in a gel form too, and we will look at how you can use that below.

Doctor Approved

A customer’s opinion and experience are very important, but having a knowledgebase of medical evidence that testifies to its safety and medical value is also important. HerSolution is recommended by a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and another who has earned a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. Both of these women have approached the issue of depressed female libido from a scientific and woman’s perspective, so they have firsthand experience on how complex the physiology of a woman is.

HerSolution vs. Provestra

Here is a comparison between HerSolution vs. Provestra, one of the more popular female libido solutions available on the market today:

Side effectsNoNo
Shipping worldwideYesYes
Proved by doctorsYesYes
  • 6 months supply for 220$
  • +Hersolution gel
  • +free mini vibrator
  • +relaxing massage candle
  • 6 months supply for 225$
  • +a bottle of Vigorelle gel
  • +relaxing massage candle
  • +free shipping
Money back guarantee67 days30 days
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Eurocard
  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Eurocard
Order trackingYesYes
Multilingual siteYesNo

HerSolution Gel

HerSolution also comes in a gel form, which usually accelerates the absorption of the product into the body and because it is all-natural, you can throw away all your vaginal lubrication products that contain chemicals that have a potentially toxic effect on your body. HerSolution Gel promotes many of the same advantages to solving your libido problem, including:

  • Increasing the blood flow to the genital area
  • Increasing vaginal and clitoral sensitivity
  • Intensifying your level of sexual excitement

You apply HerSolution gel just like you would any other vaginal lubricant, but the difference is remarkable. If you remember the customer review above, a woman who found HerSolution pills to work wanted to improve her level of satisfaction by adding the gel to the regimen. For some women the pills work slowly or don’t properly absorb the essential ingredients and are lost in the digestive process. That is where the gel can improve the effectiveness of the product or be used as a supplement for maximum effectiveness.

Where To Buy HerSolution Pills and Gel

There are a number of retail and online stores you can purchase HerSolution products from including Amazon, Walmart, and Walgreens drug stores. However, you might find the best deals on the company’s website, www.hersolution.com. You may get the opportunity to receive the gel as a free gift when you order the HerSolution pills. They ship everywhere in the world and have a number of shipping options. If you are looking to ship HerSolution pills to Australia you can do that as they accept the major credit card payment options, including VISA, Master Card, American Express Discover and PayPal.

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose to use the pills or the gel, or both, you will be starting down the road to restoring your libido and the self-confidence you need during your times of intimacy with your man. But please be patient as HerSolution is not a magic pill that will instantly restore your physical and psychological health back to normal immediately. The vast number of women who look for solutions to a fading libido experienced the problem coming on over a period of months. If it took that long for the problem to occur, it is likely you will experience the complete recovery over a similar amount of time.

HerSolution recognizes this reality and is why they give buyers from their website a 67-day, no questions asked return policy on every order. Even if after the 60 day period you are not getting the results you expect, you may want to consider another product such as the popular solution Provestra and continue your pursuit of returning to your natural self in and out of the bedroom.