16 Ways To Increase Female Libido Quickly

In a relationship, the loss of female libido is something that needs to be taken seriously as the source of the problem can be physical, emotional, or psychological. However, even women who are not currently involved in a relationship need to avoid simply explaining away the loss of libido as the result of their singleness or “just one of those things.” While a woman’s sexual desire will not remain constant throughout their lifetime due to major life changes such as pregnancy and menopause, there can be external causes, such as medication for mood disorders that can contribute to the loss of libido.

Whatever the source of the problem, the goal is to discover how to increase female libido quickly, naturally, and of course, safely. In this article we will explore how to achieve this goal using three non-prescription, basic approaches:

  • Home remedies and foods
  • Herbs
  • Supplements

16 ways to increase libido in womenHome remedies and foods to increase female libido

The best place to start finding solutions for natural ways to increase female libido is right in your own home. There are a number of researched and proven ways to see your own libido boosted that in some cases only cost you a little bit of time – and no money. In fact, some of these ways are very enjoyable!

  • Exercise

    exerciseAccording to the Mayo Clinic, simply establishing a regimen of aerobic exercising combined with increasing your strength has multiple benefits beyond quickly improving your libido. Your mood will stabilize, your stamina will increase, and you will definitely have a better body image.

  • Avoid stress

    The two most common sources where people tend to experience too much stress are financial and work-related. Make things simpler by getting a handle on your budget and leaving your work-related problems at work to see your libido take a turn to the positive side.

  • Fruits

    fruitsBananas, dates, and avocados are among three of the most common and cheaper fruits you can either add to your diet or increase your daily consumption that are known to nutritionally discover how to increase female libido with home remedies. Pomegranates and figs also have a favorable reputation for both women and men who want to increase their libido.

  • Meats

    Iron deficiency is a problem that affects more women than men, so eating more meat is one way to find your libido on the rise. Red meats in particular are iron boosters, and you can add to the list of benefits knowing you will be replacing some of those daily carbs with weight reducing proteins.

  • Oysters

    Oysters have been the subject of a significant amount of folklore when it comes to how to increase libido in women. The famous lover Casanova said to have 50 oysters a day for breakfast. Only a decade ago, research discovered that oysters increased two specific types of amino acids, D-aspartic acid (D-Asp) and N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA), that present in people with higher sex drives and in oysters. The difference is that these two naturally occurring chemical substances were only found in oysters and clams. One problem is you may not have a taste for oysters, while the other is you might not like eating them raw.

  • A glass of wine

    wineMoving to a food choice that is palatable for almost everyone, a simple glass of your favorite wine can do wonders for your libido. An Italian study revealed that wine, specifically red wine, increases blood flow to certain parts of the body. Even better news is that you can have two glasses to add that something special and experience a greater benefit. However, substituting regular alcohol for wine shows no meaningful benefit to your libido.

  • Nuts

    Falling into the “I like them but they don’t like me” category are nuts. For any number of reasons, nuts may not be the best solution, especially for women who are menopausal and find their previous dietary habits require some adjustment. On the list are some common varieties – almond, pistachios, pecans, and walnuts – and some less common such as hazelnuts and Brazilian nuts.

  • Chocolate

    Saving the best for last, you can find the solution to how to increase female libido quickly simply by eating your favorite chocolate bar. It was reported in Psychology Today that eating chocolate or other foods we crave “can lift our spirits, calm our nerves and stabilize our moods.” One of the best things about eating chocolate is it is something you can do just about anywhere, at any time.

Herbs for female enhancement

herbsFive herbs have been selected to reveal how to increase female libido instantly. There are many others, but you need to know that some herbs can cause an unpleasant reaction in some women, so exercise caution when deciding which ones are best for you. In general, herbs that increase phytoestrogen levels are the most beneficial.

  •  Maca

    A plant native to the Peruvian Central Andes, it has been used for years for improving fertility. Some evidence exists showing 3 milligrams per day increases sexual desire, specifically for women who are taking anti-depressants.

  • Red Clover

    A species of plant high in isoflavones (more commonly known as plant estrogen), research in The Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology International reported post-menopausal women taking 80 milligrams over a 90 day period showed improvement in libido, mood, sleep, and energy levels.

  • Korean Red Ginseng

    Ginseng in general has a solid reputation for increasing sexual desire and performance. There are studies that show Korean Red Ginseng can generate improved libido in women when taking a dose of 3,000 milligrams per day. However, a small percentage of women reported vaginal bleeding, so weight out the positive effects with the potential risks.

  • Tribulus

    With its origins in Ayurvedic medicine, taking 7.5 milligrams per day of Tribulus extract has resulted in increased vaginal lubrication and increased libido in women who were diagnosed with decreased sexual function. One study indicated an increase in testosterone levels was the source of improved sexual function, particularly in post-menopausal women.

  • Shatavari

    Another Ayurvedic herb, Shatavari is a member of the asparagus family traditionally found in the mountainous areas of the Himalayas. Used to support digestive health, it was also discovered to promote breast milk production and libido in women. The research shows that Shatavari contains phytoestrogens, a key chemical known to increase sexual desire.

Supplements to increase libido in women

supplementsThere are a number of female libido supplements available, so the question is which ones are the safest and most effective. Here are three that have been selected that have a good reputation among its actual users.

  • HerSolution

    HerSolution is a two part supplement used to increase female libido in pill form and by using a gel. The pills are taken once a day, but the gel is used prior to having sex. It is doctor approved and is reported to be very effective. The only drawbacks are it can take as long as 90 days to experience the maximum benefits, and some women have reported flushing when using it.

  • Provestra

    Provestra is your all-natural alternative, and only requires you to take one pill a day. Though it doesn’t have the huge number of positive reviews as HerSolution, it still has a great number of advocates. It can work in as little as 7 days but can take as long as 30 days. But it may not work for every woman, and women who are pregnant are strongly recommended not to use Provestra.

  • Progesterone cream

    Progesterone cream has been used in hormone replacement therapy with considerable effectiveness, and has the added benefit of being a wrinkle reducer. If you have trouble swallowing pills or don’t like the required daily regimen, this is an alternative to consider. There is some debate among doctors as to its effectiveness, and studies have shown that weight gain and breast tenderness are among two of the more unpleasant side effects. The current recommendation is to consult with your doctor before using it.


This article has provided useful alternatives regarding the problem of how to increase female sex mood. Not every option will be the safest and most effective solution for every woman, and working with your health care provider is essential. There are enough choices here for you to mix and match to find the right combination that will restore your normal libido and enable you to move forward with a more positive outlook on life.

5 Herbs To Increase Female Libido

A woman’s biology is simply more complex than a man’s. This is true when it comes to a woman’s libido, which can be affected by a number of things: hormonal shifts, prescription medications, a lack of sleep, vaginal dryness which often is the result of menopause, and even a low self-image. Addressing all of these potential sources that contribute to a lack of interest in sex is just as complicated as the problem itself. Though there is no magic pill to solve all of the problems there are a number of select herbs to increase female libido that have proven to be safe and effective.

These herbs for female libido can be easily found online or at a local health food store, and most are very inexpensive. Because they are natural there is little danger of any adverse side effects when using them in moderation and according to the voice of experience from women who have used them for years. One of the nice things about using herbs is that you can make some adjustments in your recipes so you can find what combination works best for you. The herbs also are manufactured in capsule form, so if you choose that option be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding dose and frequency of use.

The List of Herbs

Ginseng for female enhancement

ginsengThe National Institute of Health did a study using Korean red ginseng on menopausal women and found it definitely increased the sexual arousal responses of the women studied. But the general conclusion was that many types of ginseng will have the same effect. This is one of most popular herbs used for increasing libido and is often found in capsule form to be taken daily.

Ginkgo Biloba for sexuality

Gingko_bilobaIt was mentioned that a woman’s biology is very complex, and Ginkgo Biloba is one of those herbs that addresses a whole range of potential problem areas. The general idea behind taking Ginkgo Biloba is “healthy mind, healthy body” (or vice-versa). It is scientifically proven to increase blood flow throughout the body, and as a natural herb for sexuality you will think better (more blood to the brain) and be healthier (increased blood flow to the legs). Finally, this herb has anti-aging effects and is beneficial in treating certain types of allergies and reducing headaches. You can use 3 teaspoons of powder per day.

Anise to produce estrogen

aniseOne of the most important advantages of anise is part of its botanical makeup imitates the estrogen produced in the human body. Using anise in any of your foods as a spice is like naturally adding estrogen to your body’s normal production. Most women make a tea from anise seeds as a daily beverage.

Black Cohosh for low libido

Black CohoshIf you are from North America you may be happy to find out that this herb is naturally used by the Native Americans more than 200 years ago! In fact, we export it to Europe where it has been approved for more than 40 years. One of the key herbs for women’s libido, its medicinal use is for treating menopause, but helps prevent vaginal dryness as it contains many estrogen-like compounds. Available in tablet form, the safe and effective dosage is 40 milligram tablets 3 times a day.

Chinese Sex tea to increase libido

Chinese Sex TeaTo understand the benefits of Chinese Sex Tea you need to know that traditional Chinese medicine focuses in on the health of the kidneys to maintain hormonal balance. The lower the energy of the kidneys, the poorer your hormone balance throughout your entire body will be. You should closely check the specific herbs in the Chinese Sex Tea you buy to make sure it contains many or all of the herbs listed here, but also to ensure other ingredients are safe for you. Ginseng is one of the most common ingredients in the tea, and may also contain Ren Shen and Licorice Root, both used to increase your energy levels. The amount of tea to drink that is safe will depend on the specific ingredients, so check the seller’s recommendation.

Herbal supplements for female libido

If you noticed something about each of these natural herbs to increase libido, each one has specific advantages that allow you to select any single herb for a specific problem you have, or choose a combination of all of the herbs as a holistic approach to increasing your libido. All of these herbs can be purchased online separately (check Alibaba for a quality selection of Chinese Sex Teas) so your privacy is ensured.

Some women may be searching for an herbal remedy to increase female libido that can be taken in a single pill or capsule. A popular and effective product is Provestra. It contains virtually every herb listed here (specifically, Asian Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Black Cohosh Root, Fennel Seed (for anise). It boosts its effectiveness by adding Maca Root to assist your body in the production of estrogen and progesterone. All you need to do is take one tablet a day every day, and there are reports women have experienced results in as little as 7 days.


Final Notes

Safety should be every manufacturer’s number one concern, and the same is true for websites that offer solutions to increasing a woman’s libido. We strongly advise that if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant in the near future that you consult with your health care professional before adding any of these herbs to your diet. There is the possibility of an allergic reaction, and though there is scientific evidence to support the benefits of many of these herbs, you are not likely to find a product that has been tested and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Low libido in women – how to improve?

low libido in womenDid you know that 5,000 studies were published that were specifically directed at the male population and their sexual function between 1990 and 1999? There were only 2,000 studies of low libido in women during that same time frame. That is interesting considering that the popular men’s drug was released to the population on March 27, 1998. Why? To help men with their sexual issues like E.D. but there wasn’t anything released for women.

All too often women believe that their loss of sex drive stems from age and shouldn’t be considered anything out of the ordinary. Well, part of that is correct. Age does have an effect on the libido. So does your health. Eating right and working out regularly can help give the body a boost and improve libido.

  • What about your relationship? Is everything okay there?

A lot of women don’t realize that even though their relationship is healthy and all is well, there might be something wrong. Perhaps his performance has dropped, and he doesn’t satisfy your needs as he once did.

  • Or maybe low sex drive in women is actually because of your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is a depressant! That is why they say you should never drink alone or when you are already upset. Sure it may make you feel better for a moment. But moments are fleeting and drinking excessively can drag your desires down.

  • Staying out late at nights and not getting enough sleep will certainly take its toll on the body and cause a woman to lose that friskiness.

If you can pinpoint the things in your life that are draining your energy and motivation, you might be able to turn lack of sex drive in women back on.

  • Although we can’t do anything to stop the aging process, how one deals with aging is an entirely different thing.

Some women go through exactly what men- you know that mid-life crisis thing because of the levels of testosterone in the body. The levels of testosterone in women peak in their mid 20’s and slow fade out of the picture until menopause. That’s when testosterone drops entirely out of the picture and causes of low sex drive in females of menopausal period.

  • Having kids doesn’t help either. Too often women loss of sex drive after the birth of a baby.

Her hormones are raging all over the place and trying to settle back to normalcy. And it certainly doesn’t help the sex drive if your guy isn’t pitching in as much as he should and you are stressed and overwhelmed.

Birth control and low libido

Although there are some who claim that their birth control is the culprit for a female low sex drive, only 1 in 100 women have this issue. A study conducted showed that women on birth control were more active than women not on some form of birth control. Those on a contraceptive were less stressed and relaxed about having sex. Because they didn’t have the stress of becoming pregnant. So, birth control is not a low sex drive remedy.

For women, having a low libido is more than complex because of emotions and how a woman’s body reacts to the environment. It’s not like the men where it is a pipe issue; a woman needs more than one way to fix the problem and regain their sexuality.

So how can you improve female low libido?

  • First off think hard about what is going on in your life. What is seriously stressing you out? The first real step would be to meditate on your issues and see if you can pinpoint what issues you might have. Once you understand those issues, you can start to feel better not only about yourself but about your partner as well. A lot of women who have lost their spark after meditating on what is the underlining issue have looked to sex counselors for help. Sex requires two people, which means that if you are having issues, so is your partner. Seeing a specialist to help you work through issues. Get the passion back is a great way to regain a piece of yourself and boost your esteem.

Seeing a counselor will also help address any depression or anxiety in your life which might be holding you back. Antidepressants as low libido treatment don’t help, if anything they tend to add to the issue rather than helps it. If depression is something that is holding down your sexiness, consider changing up your diet. The Mediterranean diet helps boost the body’s immune system and cuts out a lot of fatty foods. Too much fatty foods in anyone’s diet is going to make them depressed.

  • There is also yoga, and a lot of women swear by the effects it has on them. Acupuncture has also been known to help with no sex drive in women. Then if all else fails there is always supplement and vitamins for low libido can turn your sex life around.